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Treviso is a very elegant city thanks to its many medieval buildings and its wonderful villas. Moreover it is completely surrounded by 16th century walls.

The centre of the town dates back to Medieval Ages and is characterized by narrow lanes and many houses with external frescos on their walls. Treviso’s most important attractions are: Piazza dei Signori, a pleasant square with a street running along one side and cafés with outdoor tables along the other, where the dominant building is the historic town hall, the Palazzo dei Trecento. There also are the Church of San Francesco, in a Late Romanesque-Early Gothic built by the Franciscan community in 1231–1270 and used later on by Napoleonic troops as a stable, and the Loggia dei Cavalieri, an example of Treviso’s Romanesque influenced by Byzantine forms, used as a place for meetings, talks and games, although reserved only to the higher classes.


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